Llan Valls Fine Arts & Design, Switzerland


Llan Valls Villa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Llan Valls

Fine Arts & Design, Switzerland


Was created in 2000 by Lilian Valladares Demenga.


Artist of different skills, photos-troubler, watercolorist, painter, Designer, Inner-architecture invader, expensive Jewelry maker.


Animal and Nature lover. Animal rights activist. Creator and prolific Maker.


Against all odds survived by living life in pure Art and making negociation terms  on  high quality, blue chip Art only.


Started artistic professional life in 1980 making part of Geração 80 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Transferred to Europe in 1986. Lived in Milan, Italy up to 1990.

Moved to Basel, Switzerland subsequently making part of the Art and basler social scene; created and opened the Demenga Galleries Switzerland online in 1994.


Making art, consulting and curating for her former husband Demenga Galleries, Switzerland until 2000. Curated The Levy African Art Collection in Brussels, Belgium from 2000 to 2006.


Exhibiting and producing independently since 2006, original works and two new projects are in development since:


 - Llan Valls Fine Jewelry in collaboration with Isler Goldschmied, and

Michel Frankenhauser in Basel, Switzerland

 - and The Brut Diamond Villa in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.




Llan Valls offers,


Ready for first occupation January 2015.


The State-of-the-Art Brut Diamond Villa

is elegantly furnished with centuries old solid French furnitures, antiques and art works from around the world.


The villa is built in solid reinforced concrete in minimalist Japanese style, the interior architecture and decoration carries a number of valuable materials such Bisazza mosaics, granit and rare marbles, having water spring source serving the house to offer the best drink water and cleasing baths in Japanese style hot tubs.


Perched on the hill, surrounded by a luxurious sub-tropical forest, its at 10 minutes by car from Barra da Tijuca Beach following the fame of Ipanema Beach, is the prettiest yet untouched biosphere, nature reserve beach of Rio de Janeiro.

Brut Diamond Villa is located in an exclusive residencial zone, in secured road with permanent guard, at a very silent location, the magnificent surroundings are a splendor for Nature lovers and sports addicted individuals with refined taste.


The location of Brut Diamond offers at 10 minutes drive to quality shops, to at least 10 large malls including high end international boutiques as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Zara and many others.


At the beach, you'll find many sports areas as beach volleyball, soccer and surf.

One of the most invigorating hikes available in Rio is to climb up Pedra da Gavea, one of the beautiful Rio landmark - this trecking starts at the door of Brut Diamond.

At the surroundings of Brut Diamond you can find swimming pools, sports arenas; walking, run, jogging and bike tracks, nautical sports, climbing and hang gliding for the thrill seekers.

And for the calm ones, golf courses.